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Yaro Starak is a successful internet entrepreneur who helps others learn Marketing.

He has built easy to follow training for those that want to make money online. Of all the products I have purchased over the years, I am getting the best value from Yaro.

When you buy one of his products you get the option to apply to join his Laptop Lifestyle Accademy. In my opinion the best value by far I have seen.

So if you want to break free from the job trap, create portable income, this is most likely your best chance of learning how.


The Brand New “Blog Profits Blueprint — 2017”

The Blueprint 2.0 is designed to give you a complete overview of how to create a blog designed to sell your products. You will also receive a free series of training videoscase studies and more, all designed to help you get up and running with your own blog that sells your products and services on autopilot.

Read more about it by going here -> "BLOG PROFITS BLUEPRINT"


Interviews - Millionaire Bloggers

  • Inside Secrets For How Million Dollar Blogs Are Built
  • How To Turn Your Email Newsletter Into A Money Machine
  • Why Most People Fail Online

Read more about it by going here -> "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS"


Buy & Sell - Blogs & Websites

Who this guide is for:

  • People who are willing to invest $500 (as a starting point) to purchase a blog (you do not pay this money to me, you use it to buy your first blog)
  • Retirees who are looking to invest their money in a smarter way than the usual property/share market
  • Blog owners who are looking sell or expand their empire
  • Workers who are looking for a source of passive income, with little upkeep required. Read more about it by going here -> "BUYING & SELLING"


Productivity & Mindset - For Professional Bloggers

Think right and do the critical actions in the intelligent order… using this guide is the perfect way to get that foundation in place.

  • Identify Highest Impact Activities
  • Determine What Is Needed To Complete Them
  • Set Up Conditions For Success
  • Execute In The Optimised Order
  • Narrow Your Focus To Daily Tasks

Read more about it by going here -> "PRODUCTIVITY & MINDSET"


Blog Traffic - From ZERO to 1,000 Daily Readers

The Best And Most Up To Date Traffic Guide Specifically For Bloggers + 2 Bonuses To Help You Reach Even More People

Read more about it by going here -> "ZERO TO 1000 DAILY READERS"



Udemy.com is a fast growing site that you can use to learn a wide range of skills. There are many useful free courses like how to set up a website using WordPress.

The cost of courses ranges from as little as US$10 to US$300. Here is a tip; if you "heart" an advertised course that is too expensive for you, there is a good chance that it will be included in one of the many 95% sales and you will be notified. My personal favourite is how to become a super learner. See More Here->

Some of the Links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you buy a product having clicked on the link, I get paid a percentage of the purchase price. It doesn’t cost you more, as the price does not change. The reason the seller does this is: marketing cost can be very expensive, so by letting others put their products in front of people they do not have to pay for marketing and are happy to give a percentage of the profit to an affiliate. This is very common everywhere, not just on the internet. 

I do not promote any products I do not use myself and would never recommend a scam.