People in Your Life

41214899_sIt stands to reason that you are most like the people you spend the most time with.

If you are not happy with who you are, change the people you mix with most.

Don’t think small, broaden your horizon outside your local communities, or your online social circles.

The internet is a great tool that allows us to get access to thousands of people who have skills and ideas we identify with. We are no longer restricted to our local communities, they can be anyone in the world.

Not everyone will give you access of course. They have their own lives to live. They are busy people also, busy enjoying life.

Many successful people want to share their success stories and strategies. They fear being mobbed by all the loonies and wanner-bees that are not really committed to doing the work required to change. Those wanner-bees can suck the life out of the successful ones in the form of valuable time.

Fortunately, many of those successful people are successful because they know the art of leverage.

They use automation tools, auto responders and outsourced staff. They share information by dong the work once and use tools that are available to us all. These tools serve out knowledge to thousands of people, with no extra work for those that share. That is leverage at it’s best.

Many will do this for free, others use their knowledge to help achieve personal financial goals or cover expenses associated with sharing.

Their information is out there for you to access. When you want to get access to successful people, and you are serious about doing the work to make a change in your life, don’t hesitate to fork out a bit of cash to achieve that.

Think of it this way. Your education costs money. Even at school, there are fees your parents paid.

My daughter is about to start University; her education is going to cost big money.

I never went to university. Now at my age, twenty percent of what I earn goes into an investment account, most of which I have been investing in upgrading my knowledge, getting close to successful people and learning how they succeed. I see this as my University degree. I don’t want a piece of paper that says I have achieved a certain standard. My return on investment will be the measure of my success, not a certificate.

By spending more time with those that are already where you want to be, you can’t help changing something about yourself, learning new stuff and starting to travel down the road of where you want to be.

  • Work out what you want.
  • Get access to people who are doing what you want.
  • Follow the rules of friendship and respect.
  • Start your journey.

We live in a virtual world already. Social media is awesome for communication when managed right. A massive time waster when not managed.

I just had a birthday recently, the communication that revolved around that event was very uplifting. I am so grateful to have people around me wishing me well for the future and supporting me, in spirit at the very least. Not one said anything negative to drag me down.

The opportunity to Facebook Chat with an old mate who is successful in business arose. Invaluable, having another who I can learn from, someone to help me get where I want to be just through a few simple words and questions, confirming I am on the right track.

If you have people in your life that try to bring you back down to a level they are comfortable with, distance yourself from them. Those people are holding you back from being the best you can be. If you choose not to distance yourself from them because you’d like to help them, make sure you balance them out with people that will help you grow also. Make sure the people you are helping actually want your help.

If you want a life where you can travel, without relying on hard earned savings, find people who are doing this already, get access to them, learn what you can from them.

Maybe you want to escape working for wages. There are dozens of ways to mix with people or groups that are successful business owners or investors. Be sure to note the difference between business owners and those in business. Business owners get paid regardless of the time they spend with the business. People in business own a job. Spend more time with the business owners. They have more time to share.

Rekindle old friendships with schoolmates or workmates that you have something in common with, try and give as much as you receive, as you should with any good friendship. Value their opinions and learn how they think now.

Without compromising your core values, you may need to rethink some of your beliefs and change the way you spend your time.

Keep an open mind. Your current reality is way smaller than your potential reality.

This is what I believe right now. It is open to debate. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.