Creating A Good Habit to Get Compounding Results

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I just read an email from someone who I highly respect for his matter of fact honesty about what it takes to create an online business. It's all about creating the habit. I'll tell you who I'm talking about later.

About Creating A Good Habit

We all have Habits and routines, things we do every day that require little or no thought. Some of what we do is good and furthers our progress towards where we want to be in the future, others not so much.

Sitting watching TV or NetFlix or some other passive low energy activity when your too tired to think, seems to be the norm for most of us. I'm guilty of that, well guilt is what I feel. In my defense, I do it a lot less than I used to, because better habits are becoming the norm.

Like right now, my wifes favourite TV program is on. It's nice to sit with her and watch the mystery unfold, but it is better to create this blog post.

Typing this is way less passive, a bit scary and maybe, just maybe, my efforts will help someone make the decision to start forming better habits in their lives.

To create good habits you have to make a conscious decision to do something on a regular basis for as long as it takes.

How long does it take to form a habit?

It varies, depending on the difficulty or complexity of what it is you are trying to make a regular part of your life. Some scientific studies about the length of time it takes to form a good habit were inconclusive, they never really answered the question.

They asked the wrong question?

The question should be how do you know when a habit has been formed?

Here is what I believe.

Forming a habit takes days, months, years, there are so many variables. You know when the habit has been formed when it feels uncomfortable not doing the thing you normally do.

Keep doing the thing you want to incorporate into your life as often and regularly as possible until not doing the thing makes you feel uneasy. At that point you have formed the habit.

Pick One Habit At A Time

Where many people fail is trying to change too many things about themselves at a time. Pick one thing at a time and don't take on any other major changes until you have done the one thing enough so that it feels awkward not doing it.

For example; I needed to get my fitness levels up. I was putting on weight and my energy levels were low. I tried the gym and failed yet again to form the habit habit of going to the gym regularly. Then I found a cheap Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) advertised online and purchased it. The first time I got on it was hilarious. My balance was precarious to say the least. 

I stuck with it though, slowly developing the muscle memory skills to be able to achieve a decent speed. My niggly back muscle that often gave me pain prior to starting to SUP stopped getting knotted up, I began to lose weight and the flow of endorphins through my body released due to the exercise made me feel happier. The sound of the bow wave parting the water became familiar and part of my happy place.

If I don't go out due to other commitments, it truly does feel like a part of my life is missing.  I had formed the habit of exercising regularly on my SUP.

Now that I have that good habit in place and my health and energy levels are up, it's time to choose another habit.

Guess what it is.....

My New Habit is....

Those who know me may have guessed already.

It is something I've been struggling to do for some time now, a few false starts.

This new habit is essential if I am going to get anywhere close to achieving my goals for this year.

I have other things that need to be incorporated into my life, like getting to bed at a decent hour, working on the yacht more often and keeping on top of my emails, but I am going to focus on this one thing first, until it feels uncomfortable not doing it.

So what is this one thing?

It's this. What I'am doing right now. Creating something that others (hopefully) will find useful and maybe even help them to improve their lives a little by successfully creating new habbits.

Forming the Habit of writing something on a daily basis.

Something to help at least one person make their life better.

That's it.

I still work on average a 45 hour week, so some days it won't be much. I'm OK with that, because forming the habit is the one objective here.

If you follow my progress, you will no doubt see some of the old dyslexic traits rise to the surface, don't judge me on my spelling or grammar, what you will get will be warts and all, I have come too far from those dark days of school to worry about that right now. 

Forming this habit is about getting faster, getting comfortable with writing to whoever wants to read my stuff out there in that big wide world.

If you do read something I've written, please have the courage to give me some feedback. I'm going to need help for sure. Your feedback will hopefully fuel my mission.

What Can You Expect From Me

Firstly you can expect my commitment.

I don't expect to be perfect in my execution of forming this habit, but I do expect to have a very high level of commitment to writing blog posts on this blog and [soon to be changed to ""], newsletters for my subscribers, book reviews, product reviews and of cause, I'll be ramping up my podcast skills together with show notes.

I've always had a lust for adventure, never really knowing the outcome or where it will lead.

If I do a good enough job you may like to reward me with comments, or by sharing what I've written with others through social networks or email.

This is going to be time consuming, sometimes difficult and other times just plain hard work.

To help me stay motivated, I'm going to put in front of you opportunities to buy something that I have created or someone else I trust has created that has affiliate links to products or courses that I recommend. To be rewarded with cash for my efforts is like rocket fuel to forming good habits.

So there you have it. My big scary habit commitment to you. 

About That Email I Read - The Guy I Respect

I'm talking about Yaro.

If you like what I'm doing be sure to sign up to my newsletter. Join me on this adventure to create something useful for others. Learn as I learn but if you want to learn direct from the Master Blogger himself, Yaro go to my Resources Page and download the free "Blog Profits Blueprint".

Here is a link to what he wrote; $10,000 A Month For 10 Years

When you have read that, you may like to return and click on a link I set up for you to some of his other products, some of which are less than $50 and incredibly good value.

Thanks for reading to the end. Now I need to get some sleep.

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