Creator or Consumer?

Creators and consumers.Pretty women creator

Which one are you?

We are all both of course, just in varying percentages.

Do you spend most of your time creating something useful for others, helping make their lives better, or do you consume whatever is put in front of you to make your own life better?

I’m going to take a punt that those who consume to make their lives better are not as happy as those that create to make other people’s lives better.

Just a gut feeling, no scientific research, no evidence, it’s just a hunch based on my observations and reality. That’s enough for me.

If you focus on what other people need and have the ability to create something to fill that need, you’ll feel good about that for a very long time.

Think back to when you created something for others that made you and them feel good. I bet the memory is still clear in your mind and brings a wee grin to your face.

If you, on the other hand, are a consumer, the sort of person thinking about what will make you happy and you are constantly searching for that thing, think you’ve found it, and consume it, how long are you happy for? Not very long from my past experience. That thing can often have a reverse effect when it needs maintaining or is harder to use than the sales blurb led you to believe. So you move on to the next thing that you think will make you happy. It gets worse if those things start to accumulate, cluttering your life, robbing you of time.

Consumers look at their needs and wants.

Creators look at other people’s needs and wants.

Obviously, we are all consumers. We need to consume to exist. Good food, clean water, shelter from the elements.

Over and above the necessities, we make choices, based on what our comfort threshold is. Health, wealth and happiness are huge driving forces, savvy marketers are always targeting us. So we consume huge amounts of what we want, but don’t necessarily need.

Not all of us are creators.


Because it is much easier to consume in our spare time, than it is to create.

We follow what other people suggest, rather than taking the lead and problem solving.Man Couch PC

We waste huge amounts of time on our devices, watching movies or flicking through what others have found interesting, things that have pushed their emotional buttons. This gives us a sense of community. The majority of us are not creating any content of value, just consuming and sharing what the minority are creating.

We should or could create a lot more than we do, make it a habit, a normal part of our life. if we did, there is a very good chance this day and age we will stumble across something that others want so much, a business can be built around it. Hobbies can become thriving businesses. Just sharing our knowledge in the right way can create other income streams.

Knowing what other people want is fundamental to success.

Why aren’t more of us creating stuff that makes other people’s quality of life better?

Because the opportunities for creating income that exists today, didn’t exist when we went to school or university and most of us only learnt one way of making money. Get a good job they said.

We never learnt that creating things of value or investing part of what we earned in other people’s creative endeavours was vitally important to get ahead in life.

We got busy in our jobs and consuming things that give us a quick sugar like happy that didn’t last and robbed us of time.

We got too busy to continue our education, an education that would have opened our eyes to the multitude of opportunities available today to create automated recurring income.

We work in jobs that literally kill our creativeness with systemised routines. If it can be systemised it can be automated. If it can be automated, a machine or electronic system can do it.

Is your job on the line? Something for a post another day.

The creators have in the past and will be in the future, the ones with the rich life.

Start creating. Monetize and automate your creation. There are no good excuses these days, it’s easy to learn how.

The world is a different place, it’s changing fast. Change creates opportunity, but you have to use to new tools available to seize those opportunities and change what you do with your spare time.

Don’t believe you can do it? It is easier than you think.

Google “how to make money on Youtube”. Also have a look at what the top earners are getting.

Start your education.

Start creating.