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Everyone is entitled tho their opinion. Not everyone will agree with it and that’s OK.


Doom, I’m Not Feeling It

So, we have a new president of the United States of America. Doom is everywhere. All forms of media are alive with  predictions of the future;World War ThreeDiscrimination out of control for women and ethnic groupsPlummeting stock marketsAnother global financial crisisAnd on and on it goes. The media frenzy adding momentum to it all. You know what….. I’m […]

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Need for Speed

I stand here, tapping away on my keyboard, sweating like a gold medallist who has just one their race of a lifetime. Why? I’ll tell you why later. I’ve always had this need for speed. My life is littered with friendly reminders from the authorities to slow down. They are right of course. There is […]

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Being Authentic when Changing

Being authentic this day and age is so important. People have such good BS radars. Most can tell when you are lying, when you have copied something, or when you are trying to be like someone you’re not. Having said that, the lines can become a little blurred when we’re making changes. We all have […]

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What is Your Mission?

We have all had or been part of a mission at some point in our lives. The mission may have been something relatively small and personal, or maybe bigger like getting your own house. Maybe you were part of a team working on a mission that no one person could have achieved on their own. […]

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