Books I've Started - Some Finished - Reviewed For You


Books are a great way to foster creativity. Fiction, Non Fiction or Reference, they all mold who we are and how we think.

I'm no speed reader. Comprehension is my priority. I take my time. Often I'll read more than one book at a time.

On this page you will be able to see what I'm reading, what I've read and get a feel for how they are influencing or have influenced my thinking. I'll share my honest opinion based on my current reality.

So not your average run of the mill book review.

All I can promise is some insight into the contents of the books in my life.

Hope this work helps you. 

Will It Fly - Pat flyn

I'm reading Will It Fly by Pat Flynn two years after it was published [2016]. I purchased this book because it got a mention at the end of a Podcast.

Patt is a successful online marketer who started by selling affiliate products prior to creating his own products to sell.

Knowing if your idea will generate income, without having to invest huge amounts of time and money, is something every entrepreneur wants to know.

An Overview - How it went for me.

I'm writing this in March 2018

  • On the first few pages of this book are glowing testimonials from a bunch of other authors or entrepreneurs, non of who I recognised. 
  • The book comes with an online companion course that Patt created for free. The course includes downloadable worksheets, bonus video content, and list of resources and links mentioned throughout the book. Signup is all that is required. It's a nice touch that undoubtedly adds value to the book. He says it is not 100% required to do the companion course,but it can drastically enhance your learning experience. You do get lifetime access to the companion, so it is something you may want to go back to if you don't have internet access while going through the books chapters.

  • The first exercise is a future test. Pat gets you to do is look into the future five years from now. You are sitting at a cafe with a friend you haven't seen for many years. Your friend asks you "So how's everything going?" The exercise gets you to write your vision for your future. Personally I never really like doing this, there are too many variables and we're not meant to know what the future is, right. When I read his explanation as to why this is useful, I decided to do it anyway. I put a reminder on my google calendar five years into the future, to review what I had written.   

  • The next chapter is about looking back into the past. It's designed to give us a fuller understanding of ourselves. It just reviews the good and the bad of what you jobs of organisations you have worked for or been a part of. Can't really see any benefits for me personally, but I filled out the forms anyway.

  • We are still in the thought experiment stage with the next exercise. Pat wants us to imagine we are on the show "Shark Tank" presenting your idea. You get asked "what makes you so special?" stating I could probably hire someone to do whatever it is you are thinking. the purpose of this is to lead you. What you are really being asked is; "what is your unfair advantage?" Which leads to the next section of the book.

  • Now this is where I've stalled. Why? Because in this section Patt wants me to email a bunch of friends with a scripted email written by pat. He asks my friends to help me find a unique skill or trait a kind of superpower that I may not be aware of. I'm not happy asking my friends to do this. Besides, "superpower" really. For one thing  can just picture the people in my life that know me well enough rolling around on the floor laughing when they read that email. I did do a face to face test with a couple of friends to check if my reservations were real. They were both polite enough to give a straight answer, but I couldn't see the value in it with regards to where pat was going with this. So the book has been sitting upside down, open on page 96 for a few weeks now. Maybe I'll come back to it.

    Apparently 80% of non-fiction books don't get finished, so this one may be one of them.

    I've started reading a new book from an Australian female entrepreneur, Bernadette Schwerdt. I'll share my thoughts on that sometime in the future.

The Results - How it changed me.

  • I'm not sure that it has changed me. But then to be fair, I haven't finished this book yet. So no surprises there.

3.5/5 Stars

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