Monthly Archives: February 2016

Have a Plan – So you can change it.

  Having a plan that you can change is so important. If your plan is not flexible enough to cope with change, it probably isn’t a very good plan. Back in the day when I was hydrographic surveying, we would be presented wit h “Daily  Orders”. A carefully devised plan created by the operations officer […]

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People in Your Life

It stands to reason that you are most like the people you spend the most time with. If you are not happy with who you are, change the people you mix with most. Don’t think small, broaden your horizon outside your local communities, or your online social circles. The internet is a great tool that […]

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Being Authentic when Changing

Being authentic this day and age is so important. People have such good BS radars. Most can tell when you are lying, when you have copied something, or when you are trying to be like someone you’re not. Having said that, the lines can become a little blurred when we’re making changes. We all have […]

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