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A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Doom, I’m Not Feeling It

So, we have a new president of the United States of America. Doom is everywhere.

All forms of media are alive with  predictions of the future;

  • World War Three
  • Discrimination out of control for women and ethnic groups
  • Plummeting stock markets
  • Another global financial crisis

And on and on it goes. The media frenzy adding momentum to it all.

You know what…..

I’m not feeling it.

This feeling of doom and gloom.

Maybe I am ignorant, uneducated, uninformed, dispassionate to the plight of others. I don’t think so.

We all create our own realities.

Some consume everything that is fed to them. What they consume feeds their reality of how the world is.

It works the same way as how your body reacts to the food you eat in relation to the energy you use. Physical and mental balance.

The things you learn, read about and the people you mix with all shape the way you think.

Take charge of yourselves people.

The fact that we have a new president in a country that has huge diversity and power does not mean that your life is going to be all downhill from now on. One man or woman is not going to make all the difference. Bigger things are at play.

If you want to be a victim, follow the masses and keep gorging yourselves on the abundant negative information that is available, go ahead change nothing, feel the Doom.

If you want to create something positive out of this life, start fighting for it.

The biggest fight of your life is the one that goes on in your head.

Changing the way you think, your belief systems, your reality. It’s a battlefield with no rules. Challenges come at you from every direction. You need to decide to run, fight or avoid things that influence the way you think and react.

Do you want to learn the secret of feeling positive? It is so simple you would not believe it.

Take positive action and keep taking it until it becomes a habit.

Control your life. Listen to the voices in your head. If you don’t like what they are saying, change what you do. What you have done in the past is what put those thoughts in your head. Replace them with thoughts that help you become the person you would rather be.

Over the next ten years, it is highly likely the world is going to change faster than ever before in the history of mankind. We will hear about and see things we can’t even imagine right now.

With change comes opportunity.

Opportunity is there for the taking. Most of the time it passes us by because we are too focused on the distractions bombarding us through various media. We’re not looking for it. If we do happen to see a glimpse of an opportunity, we are not prepared and it's gone before we can act.

You need to keep learning useful skills, test your belief system and check your values are still current. Skills like;

  • Survival, obviously, the number one skill. If you are dead nothing else matters to you personally, in this world anyway.
  • Skills surrounding your legacy, your family, things you are creating, those skills are right up there near the top of your priorities.
  • Leadership skills will help you leverage from others what you are creating, speed things up, get it done fast and help you keep building your life, your legacy.
  • Thinking skills together with a belief system that what you think is a good thing, is possible and you can make it happen. These skills need constant nourishment and attention. You can do this by spending as much time with others on the same journey as possible.

Think way bigger than you are now because chances are you are not achieving anything like what you are capable of. Broaden your horizons.

Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. You will not thrive and may not survive in your comfort zone.

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If you need to get away from the plague, ocean sailing skills and all that compliments those skills, like coping with seasickness would be handy to have, right?

On the wall beside my desk, I have a reminder to myself. It simply says;

“Change Fast, Stuff Happens, Deal With It”

So, I make no apologies that I’m not feeling the doom and gloom my Facebook feeds are communicating to me.

Yes, the world will no doubt change fast and I welcome that with my eyes wide open for the opportunity to help those that need what I can offer.

Some of the skills I have learnt here will help me and my legacy survive and prosper. They could help you too.

Take charge of your life.

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Getting old blogging

Getting Too Old For This

I’m getting too old for this!!

a woman sitting at a computer on a white background.

I’m getting too old for this. Words that echo in my head. Usually with some sort of expletive added to the end of the phrase.

So what comes next? Let’s think about that.

The one thing that is certain in life is, we are all getting older, then we die.

Some of us are privileged to become old enough to live through more than one generation.

Some people manage to build a lasting legacy, no matter how long or short their life is. They manage to change the world in a way that continues long after they have stood amongst us.

The decisions we make, what we learn and share, the things we create, all have an effect on the people around us.

For some, that circle of influence is not much bigger than their immediate family and close friends, others reach out to thousands, sometimes millions, like ripples in a pond.

What do I have to offer?

We acquire knowledge through the people we meet and the training we have been exposed to. We build on knowledge through the things we do. What we do with the knowledge makes us who we are, unique.

The actions we take are what other people judge us by.

Our stories from past actions may be interesting to others, giving us some credibility when we first meet. Those stories only go so far towards making us interesting enough that others want to stick around. As a result

The thing that makes others want to be around you more than anything else is, what you are doing with your life right now at this point in time, regardless of how old you are.

Like attracts like. Your actions will attract people interested in what you are doing.

Offer what you are doing, your interest and hobbies, what you are good at.

Learn now what you need for tomorrow

If you feel uneasy about your future and what it may be like, change some of what you’re doing.

Make some time to start walking a different road towards your dreams and goals or change tack and head in a different direction, like a yacht beating to windward toward the top mark.

If you are getting old and it seems like you’re older than most, no doubt you’ve thought “I should have done that” at some stage in your life. I know I am guilty of that phrase. When I really think about it, saying that sort of thing is just negative self-talk.

Your regrets are part of your story. Share the good the bad and the ugly, so others don’t make the same mistakes.

Learn how to share your story.

We live in the information age.

Those that have lived longer than others have more to offer, wisdom for one thing.

Learning a few new skills or getting help from someone who already has the skills,  is relatively easy making sharing what you know well within the capability of most.

Follow a few simple rules and people will find that what you share is interesting. Some may even be prepared to reward you for having the courage to share.

Google “how to make money using; YouTube, Blogs, facebook, podcasts. There is heaps of free info out there.

How old is too old?

I think about my mum and how she only has one income, the pension. At 83 she is still young relative to many her age and sharp as a pin. She created a great environment for us kids to grow up in.

The meals she made were always tasty because she used ingredients that made her home cooking better than what the average restaurant serves up these days.

It would be nice if that knowledge was preserved and shared for future generations.

If she were able to share that knowledge and her little tips and tricks, through modern communication platforms, I have no doubt others would find it interesting enough to follow her. She’d need some help of course. Also…

My brother and the wealth of knowledge he has in the design industry, no doubt has plenty to offer. I know others would love to know how his mind works to create one new idea after the other and

Then there are  Navy mates who have made the transition from life in the military. The highly refined structure within the defence force systems, to a life outside with civilian inefficiencies and poor leadership.

They all have skills and stories to tell that others would be interested in.

If you have been thinking of doing something to change your current situation. If you believe you have a story and knowledge others could find useful, why wouldn’t you share it?  Leave out the bits where you are sworn to secrecy, of course.

Maybe you have a talent for entertaining but selfishly keep it from others due to some untested fear.

The older you are the better.

Where to start learning

I can point you in the right direction.

There is one person I learn from that stands out from the others.

If you want to educate yourself about how to share your knowledge or talent in a way that may reward you for your effort, visit Yaro Starak. Download the free Blog Profits Blueprint, because

What I am learning from him is helping me be useful to others.

I know that as I get older, my body is likely to restrict my options for generating income. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to bang away at a keyboard or create videos long after the rest of my body has worn out.

Start thinking about learning new skills. Future proof your life to avoid being dependent on insurance or benefits.

Take responsibility for your future income sources.

Seems like most of us will not have enough if we rely solely on current retirement systems to maintain a good standard of life, therefore

Learning how to share using modern communication systems is a much better gamble than buying Lotto tickets. So do this one thing

Learn how to generate additional income by sharing what you know.

The happiest people in the world are those who help others.

Check out Yaro Starak.

Creator or Consumer?

Creators and consumers.Pretty women creator

Which one are you?

We are all both of course, just in varying percentages.

Do you spend most of your time creating something useful for others, helping make their lives better, or do you consume whatever is put in front of you to make your own life better?

I’m going to take a punt that those who consume to make their lives better are not as happy as those that create to make other people’s lives better.

Just a gut feeling, no scientific research, no evidence, it’s just a hunch based on my observations and reality. That’s enough for me.

If you focus on what other people need and have the ability to create something to fill that need, you’ll feel good about that for a very long time.

Think back to when you created something for others that made you and them feel good. I bet the memory is still clear in your mind and brings a wee grin to your face.

If you, on the other hand, are a consumer, the sort of person thinking about what will make you happy and you are constantly searching for that thing, think you’ve found it, and consume it, how long are you happy for? Not very long from my past experience. That thing can often have a reverse effect when it needs maintaining or is harder to use than the sales blurb led you to believe. So you move on to the next thing that you think will make you happy. It gets worse if those things start to accumulate, cluttering your life, robbing you of time.

Consumers look at their needs and wants.

Creators look at other people’s needs and wants.

Obviously, we are all consumers. We need to consume to exist. Good food, clean water, shelter from the elements.

Over and above the necessities, we make choices, based on what our comfort threshold is. Health, wealth and happiness are huge driving forces, savvy marketers are always targeting us. So we consume huge amounts of what we want, but don’t necessarily need.

Not all of us are creators.


Because it is much easier to consume in our spare time, than it is to create.

We follow what other people suggest, rather than taking the lead and problem solving.Man Couch PC

We waste huge amounts of time on our devices, watching movies or flicking through what others have found interesting, things that have pushed their emotional buttons. This gives us a sense of community. The majority of us are not creating any content of value, just consuming and sharing what the minority are creating.

We should or could create a lot more than we do, make it a habit, a normal part of our life. if we did, there is a very good chance this day and age we will stumble across something that others want so much, a business can be built around it. Hobbies can become thriving businesses. Just sharing our knowledge in the right way can create other income streams.

Knowing what other people want is fundamental to success.

Why aren’t more of us creating stuff that makes other people’s quality of life better?

Because the opportunities for creating income that exists today, didn’t exist when we went to school or university and most of us only learnt one way of making money. Get a good job they said.

We never learnt that creating things of value or investing part of what we earned in other people’s creative endeavours was vitally important to get ahead in life.

We got busy in our jobs and consuming things that give us a quick sugar like happy that didn’t last and robbed us of time.

We got too busy to continue our education, an education that would have opened our eyes to the multitude of opportunities available today to create automated recurring income.

We work in jobs that literally kill our creativeness with systemised routines. If it can be systemised it can be automated. If it can be automated, a machine or electronic system can do it.

Is your job on the line? Something for a post another day.

The creators have in the past and will be in the future, the ones with the rich life.

Start creating. Monetize and automate your creation. There are no good excuses these days, it’s easy to learn how.

The world is a different place, it’s changing fast. Change creates opportunity, but you have to use to new tools available to seize those opportunities and change what you do with your spare time.

Don’t believe you can do it? It is easier than you think.

Google “how to make money on Youtube”. Also have a look at what the top earners are getting.

Start your education.

Start creating.

The Scariest Number


It is well known in business that the scariest number is “1”.44503410_s


If you only have one and you lose it, you have nothing.

Think about that for a moment. How does that fit into your life?

It is a sad fact of life for most people, they only have one income.

How scary is that!?

People all over the world are in fear of losing their job, their only source of income, for many their only option for maintaining the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

Business owners love this; it gives them power over their employees.

It scares the hell out of me, the thought of only having one income stream. For that reason alone, I dedicate quite a bit of time exploring other options. If you haven’t set up multiple income streams, your life could become very different in a very short space of time.

Why do I believe this so strongly? The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), released research that found 60% of young Australian students are studying for jobs that won’t exist, or will look very different in the next 10 to 15 years.

If this is true, then it stands to reason that many of the jobs we are in at the moment as adults are also dying or changing rapidly.

Go to school [12 years] earn the right to qualify for university, polytech, TAFE or any other vocational educational training where you get a piece of paper that says you have achieved a certain standard. Usually a knowledge based assessment [4-6 years].

At this point, all you have is the knowledge, a licence to learn how to apply your knowledge in the real world, to be considered competent [5 more years].

You are now close to 30 years old. A family of your own perhaps. The next 20 to 30 years will become a blur as they race by.

You are required to constantly return to update that knowledge. After 10 years, chances are you are not that happy with your lot. You want to change but you feel trapped.

Many of these learning institutions have designed their courses to lock you into a certain career path. They upsell you to a higher level of skill in order to get slightly better wages. A financial cost to you in the form of lost wages and fees, just to maintain a single income stream.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Most of the courses do not open your eyes to the potential income streams you could create for yourself in this day and age. The institutions that run these courses are in business and don’t want any competition, they don’t encourage you to share your knowledge.

There is nothing wrong with learning skills that are useful to other people. Just be very aware that the world is changing. The skills you have or are learning today could easily be replaced by new technologies or a shift in societies values in the next decade or so.

So what is the answer?

Share what you learn when you learn it.

You teach best what you need to know the most.

If you have been struggling to work through a problem, then come up with the solution or even better, a system that works, share it. if it is your system, you get 100% of the profit. if it is someone else’s system negotiate an affiliate cut of their profit for bringing them new customers.

Get a return on your investment in knowledge and skills as soon as you can because chances are the knowledge you have today is becoming less valuable as each year ticks by.

When you do this you will be helping other people fast track through the same issues. If you do a good job and create good value, you will be able to create additional income streams.

We live in the information age. There are multiple ways to share knowledge.

Do yourself a big favour, go the extra distance and learn how to share what you are learning, what you know or even what other people know.

Free yourself from the underlying fear of only having one income, an income that could dry up for a multitude of reasons.

If you need a place to start, go to Udemy. com, get your creative juices flowing.

Start creating.


Finding The Time

We are all given the exact amount of time each day.

The choices we have made in the past and continue to make throughout the day erode that time. Before we know it, the day is over, then the week, month and year.

How many of you said towards the end of last year, “well that year went fast”?

Many of the internet Gurus tell us, we need to change how we spend our time if we want to escape the time trap we have created for ourselves. They are right of course, if you keep doing the same thing with your time, you keep getting the same results.

It is frustrating when you know this, have good intentions and don’t seem to be able to get any momentum with the changes you are trying to make.

Dr Deming has a famous quote “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

Making commitments or planning how you use your time is important, but comes with the emotional consequences, both good and bad depending on your successes and failures.

We are now half way through the week. Before bed, I spent some time analysing where my time has and will be spent this week. Here is what I came up with.

This week (Monday to Sunday) I am committed to working 64 hours for wages. This consists of;
3 x 13 hour shifts 6am to 7pm
1 x 15 hour shift 6am to 9 pm
1 x 10 hour shift 7pm to 5am

I average between 6-7 hours sleep a night, say 49 hours a week. So that is about 109 hours allocated so far.

Daughter and friends in DinghyThere are 168 hours in a week, so I have 59 remaining of which I spent 13 hours’ yesterday;

  • Getting my body tuned up.
  • Helping my daughter find a car for her first year at University.
  • Supporting her with her job search.
  • Helping her set up the inflatable dinghy so she and her friends could motor out of the canals and have a picnic on the beach.
  • I had a wee catch up sleep during the afternoon for two hours.
  • Helped make dinner with my wife who had her first day back at school as a teacher.
  • Did some of an Udemy course.
  • Shared some commitments with a group of good blokes trying to get ahead in life.

Blue Heron - hard standSo in the remaining 46 hours I have unallocated until the end of Sunday, I plan to spend;

  • 16 working on our family yacht which is hauled out for repairs and maintenance. Sail drive oil change, progress engine instrument panel build and wiring and remove wind vane steering system.
  • 2 hours writing one blog post, [this one] for whoever may be interested.
  • 1 hour progressing an Udemy course.
  • 2 hours watching as licenced passenger, helping my daughter get enough hours for her provisional car licence.

I now have 25 hours remaining, which surprises me. Did I do my maths wrong, possibly. It doesn’t really matter. I know I waste time.

By doing this exercise, I have a greater awareness of where my time is being spent. By being aware, it is possible to make changes or prioritise what I use my time for.

We all waste a huge amount of time. We say things like “I wish I had more time and money” [to do what I really want in this life] but don’t really invest much of our spare time in making it happen.

If you want more out of life, you have to fight your way out of the Time Trap you created, bit by bit. Get rid of the stuff that is holding you back and do more of the things that will get you to where you want to be.

Note to self; Stop consuming any more time wasting crap and start creating something others find useful.

I don’t feel that comfortable sharing this insight into my life. If it helps others get ahead, then it is probably worth it.