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How To Learn – The Secret

Learning, we all learn, in different ways. It is not necessary to have a teacher to learn, but a teacher must have learners to justify the act of teaching. Learners have many options these days. More options than a lot of people realize, much of which is available free. Many of us have past experiences […]

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What is Your Mission?

We have all had or been part of a mission at some point in our lives. The mission may have been something relatively small and personal, or maybe bigger like getting your own house. Maybe you were part of a team working on a mission that no one person could have achieved on their own. […]

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She Was Probably Right

Don’t you hate it when you have to admit you were wrong and she was right? Well probably right, because we never steered that course, and will never know what we would have encountered on that journey. I’ll get to what she thought we should do in a moment. What I’m talking about is an […]

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Cash Is King

Here is a saying I haven’t heard in a while, “Cash Is King”. The saying “cash is king” for most of us is equivalent to saying “don’t give up your day job”. For me, I am very grateful to have a job. My job gives me cash flow, which allows me to pay the bills […]

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What is an Entrepreneur?

At what point can you claim to be an entrepreneur? Is it when you have made your first million? Is it when you think like an entrepreneur does? Where is the line in the sand – that point where you say to yourself, “here it is. From this moment on, I am an entrepreneur”. Should […]

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