About Lindsay

LindsayTurvey.com is a site where I get to share some information about myself, but more importantly, share stuff that I’ve learnt over the years.

Throughout my life, my deep passion for the sea and boats, both work and recreational has been a driving force. That’s where I am happiest.

A fair bit of water has passed under the keel, allowing me to accumulated skills and knowledge, which I figure may be useful to someone. There is no point in keeping  the knowledge to myself and one day taking it to my grave.

Do you ever feel like you haven’t peaked yet? That’s how I feel. My focus over the last six years has developed a deep interest in entrepreneurship. The knowledge in my head now would have been really useful when in I was in my 20’s. Life would have so many more choices now. How true is this for practically all of us?

Having said that, we live in a time where change is happening rapidly. With rapid change comes opportunity. The fact that I am here in this world right now is awesome.

People are going to look back in wonder at the turn of the century and the opportunities missed because they were too busy consuming and not producing.

Having a positive influence in peoples’ lives is important to me. This site is one tool I’ll be using to share with others.

So, now I am a Mariner because…..

As a pre-schooler, my earliest memory of the sea is walking along the top of sand hills along a raging ocean beach, balling my eyes out. The rest of my family happily paddling barefoot through the waves that rolled up on the beach. That fear I was feeling later evolved into a healthy respect for the sea.

When in junior school I had reoccurring nightmares; chasing my brother along a narrow path on a vertical cliff face. The path stopped suddenly around a corner where my brother had his back flat against the cliff face. I didn’t stop in time, falling a great height onto a vast isolated gently sloping beach. The last time I had the nightmare, I landed broken on the sand. A mariner beached his launch in the moderate surf, calmly strolled up the beach, picked me up in his arms and carried me to his boat.

I played and learnt about toy boats in the bath. The fascination of how they turned a tighter turn one way than the other and the shadow of the wake and prop wash projected on the bottom of the bath and the way they handled storm size waves, kept me focused for hours.

As a teenager, most of my weekends were on the water. First with a “P Class” yacht called “Pele” that my family purchased for me. When I was old enough, seven years attending Sea Cadets gave me skills I still use today. Appropriate knots, taking charge of a rowing crew working in unison and later sailing fast enough to win northern area yacht races, apparently beating the hotshot ring in “Chris Dixon” in a picture perfect race series near One Tree Point.

After school, a year net slinging and making fishing gear allowed me to buy my first motorbike, a Honda CL175 which was later upgraded to a Honda CB360, then a Honda CX500. I loved the freedom, speed and adventure riding a motorcycle gave me.

I couldn’t get a cadetship in the merchant navy because I had not taken Physics at school.

Fifteen years and 3,500 days posted to Hydrographic Survey ships honed my boat handling skills. A further 12 years introducing others to adventurous sailing and practical leadership skills, all the time developing sea sense, saw more than 45,000 Nautical Miles pass beneath the keel of various yachts. No regrets working 27 years in the “Best Small Nation Navy in the World” The RNZN.

My family [wife, son and daughter] moved onto our 43-foot yacht, not long afer our youngest was out of nappies.

Skippering a 60-foot Luxury launch for the 2000 Americas Cup defence and being in the middle of the action in downtown Auckland was an excellent challenge. Manoeuvring in tight spaces amongst multi-million dollar superyachts, high speed and precision focused control a natural progression for the skills I had been accumulating. I enjoyed great positive feedback from customers and the owner.

Being master and engineer on 7 completely different high-speed passenger ferries, plying the sparkling waters of the Waitemata Harbour, out of Auckland was yet another excellent way to earn a living. Fullers were a great company to work for.

A family adventure sailing to some of the south pacific islands saw us settle in Australia. Driven by our decisions to give the kids High school education in public schools and the need to earn more cruising tokens.

I had noticed while cruising that the only people that were really enjoying the lifestyle were those that had some form of income while they cruised.

My mission, for some time now, is to learn how various people create income, literally while they sleep, then share what I learn with as many people who want to investigate the possibilities. I have some great mentors helping me achieve this.

I am a Mariner and Creator.


— Callum Burson worked directly with Lindsay at Fullers Group Ltd

“Lindsay has a natural ability in ship handling and has excellent knowledge of the marine industry.”


— Dylan Knight MNI, worked with Lindsay at Fullers Group Ltd

“Lindsay fulfilled his role at Fullers with utmost professionalism, competence and efficiency. I would not hesitate to recommend him in a personal or professional capacity, and can be contacted by email for further comment if necessary.”


— Sean Reilly, was with another company when working with Lindsay at Navy Sail Training Craft

“I have admired Lindsay’s leadership skills since we first met in Auckland in 2003. His enthusiasm for trying out new approaches to problem solving and his ability to research and explore new technology is very inspiring. Lindsay is calm under pressure and always delivers what he says he is going to do.”


— William Calver, was a consultant or contractor to Lindsay at Navy Sail Training Craft

“Lindsay is one of the best Sailors / Sailing instructors you are likely to meet. His experience in vessels large and small added to his calm and measured response even in trying conditions is an asset to any employer. Whatever Lindsay applies himself too he would be an asset to any business on or off the water.”