Life is short, Learn to Change & Build Alternative Income Streams.

We can change together.

I believe you teach best what you need to know the most

This site will benefit anyone who wants to change the situation they are in now and build alternative income streams.

The things we learn are best shared when they are fresh in our minds.

Life is too short to keep doing the same thing over and over, but we all have our commitments, bills to pay, lifestyles to maintain.

That doesn’t mean we are trapped, we can still fight for something better.

As I change I intend to help as many people who want to change with me by sharing what I learn on this site.

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Here are a handful of helpful life & business resources that I've read, use(d), love, and recommend to help you.

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I'm often asked about my recommended books as a marketer and entrepreneur. Well, here is my list, and it's always growing!


 If you have questions on learning more about the articles or resources on this blog, please contact me via my contact page.

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Doom, I’m Not Feeling It

So, we have a new president of the United States of America. Doom is everywhere.All forms of media are alive with  predictions of the future;World War ThreeDiscrimination out of control for women and ethnic groupsPlummeting stock marketsAnother global financial crisisAnd on and on it goes. The media frenzy adding momentum to it all.You know what…..I’m not feeling it.Th [...]

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Getting Too Old For This

I'm getting too old for this!! I'm getting too old for this. Words that echo in my head. Usually with some sort of expletive added to the end of the phrase. So what comes next? Let's think about that. The one thing that is certain in life is, we are all getting older, then we die. Some of us are privileged to become old enough to live through more than one generat [...]

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My SUP is Now an Oarboard Too

You have to keep moving.Keeping it real is half the battle to maintaining a good fitness routine.How many people have joined gyms, paid their subscriptions and despite the automatic payments draining money from the account, had good intentions fade?I’ve tried several times to get fit at the gym.The treadmill and rowing machines bore me. Running on a rubber conveyor belt or pu [...]

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Creator or Consumer?

Creators and consumers. Which one are you? We are all both of course, just in varying percentages. Do you spend most of your time creating something useful for others, helping make their lives better, or do you consume whatever is put in front of you to make your own life better? I’m going to take a punt that those who consume to make their lives better are not as [...]

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